Play & Performance

Students will perform an original play based on Thucydides by acclaimed playwright John Lignadis, called “War, Teacher of Violence: The Plataea Affair and Other Tragic Events” (Πόλεμος Βίας Διδάσκαλος: Τα περί Πλάταιαν και άλλα Δεινά).

An open to the public performance of the play will take place at an ancient theatral area in an archaeological site, on the last evening of the program.

The play is the first part of  the “Thucydides Dramaticus” theatrical trilogy by Lignadis.  “War, Teacher of Violence” was staged by the students of the 2016 program at the esteemed Aisyxlia Festival. The second part, “The Ironies of War: From the Lacedaemonians at Pylos” was performed in 2017 at the theater of Ancient Messene. The last part of the trilogy, “Lessons of War”, was staged in 2018 at the Athens Concert Hall.