SUMMER 2019: June 17 – 30

“Thucydides Dramaticus: The Theater of War” immerses participants in the study of the Peloponnesian War and introduces them to Ancient Greek Theater.

Through the interdisciplinary approach of History, Archaeology, and Theater, “Thucydides Dramaticus” makes for an original and exciting learning experience of Classical Greece.

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Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Peloponnesian War and a clearer sense of its physical and cultural landscape through history and on-site archaeology, lectures by leading scholars, and rehearsals alongside leading directors and actors. “Theater of War” culminates with a public performance at an archaeological site, where students will perform an original play based on Thucydides’ History.

On a daily basis, the program includes:

  • Lectures and classes on the history of the Peloponnesian War.
  • Introductory drama workshops and rehearsals.
  • Visits and on-site teaching at selected archaeological sites, museums and ancient theaters.
  • Artistic activities, open discussions, attending theatrical performances and other cultural experiences.