Study Abroad in Greece

Hellenic Education & Research Center (HERC) was established in 2006 and is dedicated to the promotion of Hellenic Studies with an emphasis on the Classics.

HERC organizes and facilitates faculty led study abroad programs in Greece and encourages advanced independent academic study. Learn more about our programs and services or download our brochure.

Our mission is to foster academic study in Greece. We encourage undergraduate and graduate students to benefit academically and personally from a study abroad experience with HERC in Greece. HERC has worked so far with over 60 colleges and universities.

HERC has developed programs focusing on the interdisciplinary approach of History, Archaeology and Theater, concluding with student performances in established Greek festivals and venues.

We invite enthusiastic students from all academic disciplines to join us for intellectual growth, travel, and immersion into the warm, hospitable culture of Modern Greece.