SUMMER 2024: June 9 – 22

Jews and Early Christians in the Graeco-Roman World:
The Cases of Athens, Corinth and Delos

The course will examine the presence and history of the Jewish Diaspora and Early Christianity in Roman Greece on the basis of literary sources, archaeological remains and ancient inscriptions.

Classes will take place in three locations that played a central role to both communities:

  • Athens, the cosmopolitan city where diversity flourished.
    Corinth, where architectural parts of the ancient synagogue survive and a very significant early church was established.
  • The island of Delos, a major religious and commercial center of the Graeco-Roman world where archaeological evidence of the oldest diaspora synagogue is preserved.

Emphasis will be given on the maintenance of Jewish beliefs and ethics in the Graeco-Roman World and the early creation and development of Christianity by Paul.

Readings will include Jewish, Christian and Pagan authors.