• CASP Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Courses
    The Hellenic Education & Research Center (HERC) runs a semester program of classical studies in Greece. This course is designed for undergraduate students possessing the relevant background. The aim of the Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) is to provide students having a background and strong interest in the Classics with a comprehensive curriculum familiarizing them with both academic on site teaching and study, and equally aiming to develop more research oriented work in the following dedicated academic fields …Read More.
  • Calendar CASP Fall 2013
    Sep 9: Student arrival
    Sep 10: Orientation
    Sep 11: Classes begin
    Oct 19 – 28: Fall Break
    Nov 28: Thanksgiving
    Dec 20: Semester ends
    Dec 21: Student departure
  • Calendar CASP Spring 2014
    Jan 13: Student arrival
    Jan 14: Orientation
    Jan 15: Classes begin
    March 3: Clean Monday Holiday
    March 25: Greek independence day
    March 22 – 30: Spring Break including Greek Independence Day
    May 9: Semester ends
    May 10: Student departure
  • Housing & Meals
  • Fieldtrips
    In a semester, CASP typically takes students to the following archaeological sites and museums:
    Akropolis (site and museum)
    Athenian Agora
    Library of Hadrian/Roman Agora
    National Archaeological Museum
    Epigraphical Museum (Athens)
    Acharnian Gates
  • Health Safety & Insurance
    HERC considers issues of Health & Safety as of the highest importance.
    As part of a proactive review process HERC provides, as appropriate, information and assistance in relation to all student medical needs. Furthermore, the policy of HERC on matters of Health & Safety applies to all staff, students, visitors and members of the public using the premises or facilities of HERC …Read More.
  • Application Spring 2014
    Below you can download some helpful Guidance Notes to aid you in completing your Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) application, along with the Application Form itself. The Guidance Notes outline the structure of the Application Form that follows, also informing you of what is required for supporting documentation. These Notes also provide you with additional step by step guidance regarding the application process and Payment Schedule.
    DOC - PDF
  • Fees
  • HERC Student Regulations
    These Student Regulations (the “Regulations”) provide the student with an outline of the Hellenic Education & Research Center (HERC) and with HERC Regulations in so far as they concern students, their studies, the manner in which they should comport themselves while attending HERC courses, disciplinary matters and other helpful information …Read More.
  • Visa
    Upon acceptance to CASP students will receive from HERC detailed information by email on how to acquire a student visa for attending their semested study in Greece.