• Field Trips
  • Co/extra curricular activities
  • Academic Planning/Advising
  • Advanced Ancient Greek (CASP 402)
  • Sites & Monuments of Ancient Athens & Greece  (CASP 404)
  • Greek Epigraphy (CASP 403)

About us

Hellenic Education & Research Center (HERC) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Hellenic Studies with an emphasis on the Classics. Its mission is to foster academic study in Greece. HERC encourages undergraduate level university students and continuing education students to benefit academically and personally from a short term study abroad experience in the birthplace of Classical Civilization.

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What we do

  • Facilitation of Short Term Academic Study Abroad Programs in Greece
  • Educational programs
  • Seminars
  • Organization of Conferences
  • Lectures
  • Book Presentations
  • Publications

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Academic Programs

The Hellenic Education & Research Center (HERC) runs a semester abroad program of classical studies in Greece. This course is designed for undergraduate students possessing a relevant background in the Classics. The aim of the Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) is to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum familiarizing them with both academic on site teaching and study, and equally aiming to develop research oriented work in the following dedicated academic fields:

  • Ancient Greek History
  • Advanced Ancient Greek
  • Greek Epigraphy
  • Sites & Monuments of Athens and Greece
  • Latin

The primary objective of the CASP syllabus is to emphasize and explore the importance of the comprehensive inter-relationship between the various courses offered. This will emphasize how reading primary sources in the original, by way of both literary sources, hands-on epigraphy and extensive fieldtrips to archaeological sites & museums, provides the necessary tools for an informed study of ancient history and topography.

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